THT Podcast
Episode 164

Deathmatch Season with SHLAK, Matt Tremont, MASADA & G-Raver

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We had a jam packed show tos week to celebrate the deathmatch culture and season.

We were joined by SHLAK and discussed his exposure to deathmatch wrestling. Puerto Rican & Japanese wrestling. Tattoo culture. The difference between southern crowds & the northeast. Is he a fan of the carnage cup & backyard wrestling? Dream matches from the past. The future of deathmatches. His absence from GCW TOS. Joining the H8 club. His issues with John Zandig. The punk scene & GG Allins influence. His match against Masada at TOD16. Going from a fan to a top guy & more!

We also had Matt Tremont and discussed the following: His thoughts on the carnage cup Is he done with deathmatches? Going against nick Gage & New Jack at PWS...will it happen? How will they pull off the explosion match at the skate zone in NJ? GCW vs CZW. His match against Madman Pondo at TOD16. His match against John Zandig at TOS2. Touring Japan?

We also had MASADA on the show where we discussed: Is he back in CZW for good? Thoughts on carnage cup? Gay angles, hugs and handshakes in wrestling. Thoughts on upcoming deathmatch wrestlers. East coast vs the southern crowds. Wrestlers stealing his skewers gimmick. His thoughts on the booking in CZW? Any spots he wouldn't do in a match?

G-Raver joined us as well & discussed the following: Is he solely doing CZW? His absence from GCW? Weirdest spot he had to tattoo? Any spots he refuses to do in wrestling? Face tattoos & when he got started. We also get into some horror movies & discuss some of our favorites, and much, much more!

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