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Episode 6

Hayabusa Tribute

Dirt Sheet Dudes published on

Join us as we pay tribute to one of the most underrated wrestlers "The Phoenix", Hayabusa. We went over his career highlights such as: *Working in Mexico & His ties with the Mysterio family. *Working for CMLL. *His start in FMW & his relationship with Atsushi Onita. *The potential he never reached in the states. *Dream matches we would've loved to see his participate in. *His infamous match @ECW Heatwave 98 with Shinzaki vs. RVD & Sabu. *His relationship with The Original Sheik. *His influence on the current WWE roster. *His relationship with Sabu. *Matches against: Mike Awesome, Sabu, Terry Funk, Onita, W*ING Kanemura, Tanaka & Mr. Pogo. *His unfortunate injury that paralyzed him. *The miracle of him walking to the ring in 2015. *His last days & plenty more. This is a must listen for all Japanese Wrestling fans.

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