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Episode 1

Talking Whatever: Episode 1 (Scumbag Cosby & The Sandow Burial)

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Shaheen & Anthony discuss a bit of everything as they go over the early ECW days, WWA, the Cactus Jack & Eddie Gilbert, Jimmy Snuka vs. Cactus Jack, Herb Abram's UWF, Bad WWF Gimmicks that became popular in ECW, The Bullet Club invading the WWE, Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions, Fast Lane Predictions, Sting in The WWE HOF, Wrestling death's that had the biggest emotional impact, Favorite movies that were so bad, they were good...Daniel Bryan's future? What did Sandow do to deserve this bruial? Over 15 Wrestlers going into Wrestlemania 32! Fantasy booking Wrestlemania with The Rock, Brock, Triple H & Roman Reigns.  The Bill Cosby burial, 90's TV shows, Mr. Bean, 

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