THT Podcast
Episode 205

THT Podcast - Mediocre Moolah Gets Buried Again/Joe Calls The Numba

Dirt Sheet Dudes published on

This week we returend with a packed episode of The Hot Tag Podcast, and Joe Numbas from Wrestling Soup joined us for some Indy Wrestling & Wrestlemania talk!

Topics included the following:

Daniel Bryan gets cleared to wrestle again.

Jonny Bravo’s clickbait

Mark Henry goes to the HOF.

Bray Wyatt vs. Matt Hardy #FinalDeletion

Roman Reigns In Cuffs vs. Screaming Brock Lesnar

Who will be Strowman’s right hand?

Brian Christopher gets jumped & hospitalized.

Roman Reigns thinks he can take Brock in a shoot fight. 

Fabulous Moolah gets buried again. 

GCW’s Red Means Green.

American Bad-Ass Taker coming back?

No Limit Cena vs. Cowardly Deadman

Greatest Royal Rumble event & we won’t see it.

Pinkie Sanchez hates Shaheen.

AJ Styles injured?

Joey Ryan charges $50 per dick.

The internet thinks Wrestling needs to save the world. 

Does someone have 10 grand for Beyond Wrestling?

GCW vs. CZW round 35.

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