THT Podcast
Episode 181

THT Podcast - Ricky O / Santino vs. Jim Cornette

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This week we had Ricky O (Former GCW & JCW owner) on and discussed his career in Wrestling including the following: Early J-Cups. Thoughts on CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Low-ki, Super Dragon, Wreckless Youth, Don Montoya. Thoughts on Kyle The Beast’s gimmick. Joey Janela not giving Danny Demanto enough credit? Gino Moore vs. ECW & Paul Heyman, Dennis Coraluzzo stories. His thoughts on John Zandig & CZW, Chris Candido stories. Balls Mahooney & Bam Bam Bigelow. Thoughts on Eric Tapout. Working the same region as Fat Frank & JAPW. Thoughts on Frank Goodman & Don Tony. Money Marks like Helter Skelter getting in the business. Current state of GCW & his thoughts on the business. After a break we also discussed the following: Manny Fernandez is a fake navy seal? Jimmy Jacobs gets fired after marking out for his friends. Neville walking out on RAW & quitting. Santino vs. Jim Cornette Corny flashes his penis to the crowd. Shane McMahon kayfabing his injuries after HIAC. GFW Network isn’t safe for your browser? House of Hardcore being syndicated. Roman Reigns vs. The Youngbucks The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) being re-packaged. Sami Zayn turns heel & joins Kevin Owens. WWE signing Conor McGregor for Wrestlemania 34? HIAC review! The empty seats at Hell In a Cell… Baraon Corbin winning the U.S. title. Stevie Ray says Terry Taylor is a racist.

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