T-Time with Joshua D. Lambert is an upcoming weekly podcast that focuses on transgender-related subjects. From laws concerning transgender people to dealing with certain aspects of a gender transition, the topics to be discussed are plentiful. Although based in a small New Hampshire city, Lambert aims to take on and talk about transgender issues from all around the world. Once the podcast has been up for a few weeks, he hopes to open a subscription based service where listeners can gain access to exclusive content such as bonus episodes, raffles, yearly birthday gifts, a monthly publication, and a bonus sign-up gift. All episodes will also be delivered right to subscriber inboxes. 


Joshua D. Lambert is a 23 year old transgender man from Claremont, NH (USA.) He is a 2014 graduate of Southern New Hampshire University earning his Bachelor's degree in Communication. In the hopes of kicking off his dream career of being a transgender advocate, Lambert has started the podcast T-Time as a way to disseminate information regarding transgender-related subjects. Aside from his podcast, Lambert is also working on writing his first book, Finding The Boy Within. Joshua is married and has two cats, Fenway and Skye.