Episode 1008

1008 - The Knights of Ren Evolution

Jonathan Sugiyama published on

Happy 2020 everyone! We are making some big changes to the podcast and brand. We want to let everyone know up front that we are NOT stopping our Destiny content or podcast. We are changing the name, art, and branding of our show moving forward though. We will be changing to TURN ZER0 GAMING and covering Star Wars: Destiny along with Marvel Crisis Protocol. The new show name and cast is our team evolving the show to include more listeners, cover more topics and branch out into different and exciting gaming opportunities.

We will be posting a full writeup on the Facebook page covering all the details. But once again, we want to let everyone know that we are still going to talk about Destiny. We are just changing our approach and seeing where this will take us.

So this week on the last episode of the Knights of Ren, we talk about our favorite cards in Covert Missions and how they might impact the competitive meta.

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