Episode 202

202 - Like My Father Before Me

Jonathan Sugiyama published on

This week we cover a tournament report with Jay and dive right into the Hero Luke/Ackbar deck. We cover each card in the deck as well as how to play it and what the cards offer to make this deck stand out in the meta. Check out the decklist here: eLuke/Ackbar List

Also we have announced the winner of our "send us a deck" contest for the Rey and Kylo Gencon promos. We enjoyed the "Take Your Mom To Work" deck submitted by Munty Natour! Thank you to everyone who sent us a deck list, we had so many to look at and it was a blast.

Finally we have launched our new Patreon and are giving away one Aurebesh Rey promo card to one of our VIP Patreon members in this month's contest. Follow this link for more information on your chance to win: https://www.patreon.com/KORpodcast

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