Episode 205

205 - You're A Dead Man Solo

Jonathan Sugiyama published on

eBala-Tik/Jango/Trooper deck discussion this week with the Knights of Ren. Jay recaps his win at a 30 player event and we cover all the cards in the deck in detail. We also cover playstyles and discuss specific matchups against Vader/Raider, Jango/Veers, Jabba/Dooku, Luke/Ackbar and a couple rogue decks. You don't want to miss out on this week's coverage of one of the best decks in the meta, how to build it, play it and understand its strengths and weaknessess in any given matchup.

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  • Bradly Billingsley

    Have you tested Infamous in this deck? I have been playing something very similar for a couple weeks and have tried to fit Infamous into it, but I'm not sure how much good it's doing.

  • Jeroen Jorssen

    Good question. I've splashed in a single copy of Infamous (because I only own 1 copy). On paper, it would give you additional tempo to activate your Hunker Down / Backup Muscle.
    Another question: How about Mos Eisley as a defensive battlefield choice? You could recur your Hunker Downs this way to give your resources a slight boost. This would allow you to play upgrades and still be able to play some defensive 1-cost cards at the same time?
    I do get the Mustafar battlefield choice - not sure if I'd feel safe with this choice yet, personally (being new to the game).