Episode 214

214 - One-Quarter Portion

Jonathan Sugiyama published on

Spirit of Rebellion Pre-Release weekend has come and gone and we sit down to discuss all the new cards, decks and fun stuff we saw over the weekend. Jay, Rick and Sugi discuss the cards they pulled and how they were able to incorporate them into their decks. We also cover some of the cards we are excited to see once SoR is released officially and the Hero cards we are excited to play and build decks around. With so many major events coming up in the next month we are excited to get an interview with Aaron from Stele Open to discuss what the event is all about and what fun things players can experience including Destiny and the cool custom prize support.

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  • Nathan Magro

    FN-2199 deck is a ton of wacky fun. You did manage to pronounce my name correctly. Glad you like the deck idea. Thanks for the shout-out.