Episode 37

36 - The Brotherhood Of Mutants

Jonathan Sugiyama published on

A Word Of Warning: Adult content and explicit language in this episode

We are getting closer and closer to the release of the X-Men and Brotherhood models in November. AMG revealed both Toad and Magneto's character cards and we talk all about these new models. Todd and Chris recap a local event and we answer your listener questions on this week's episode!

We are announcing a special giveaway! Thanks to Todd and Total Access Games, we are giving away 5 Vibranium Heist Kits to our amazing fans.

  1. We are giving away 3 kits on social media. To enter, like our Facebook page! Leave a review of the podcast for a second entry!
  2. We are giving away a kit on this weeks Twitch stream with Todd vs Lanza (Wednesday evening approx 4PM CST/ 5pm EST)
  3. We are giving away a kit during the finals match of the TTS League Season 3. We will be streaming the finals and giving away 1 Heist Kit to one lucky viewer.

A few stipulations for these kits.

  • We are shipping to USA only for 4 of these kits. (Social media and the Todd vs Lanza stream)
  • The TTS League Finals Kit, we will ship worldwide.

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