Episode 108

Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Jonathan Sugiyama published on

Lukas Litsinger is our special guest this week on Knights of Ren! We discuss Destiny at Worlds and the FFG Launch event last friday. Lukas talks about card designs, set designs, future sets as well as some card spoilers and questions from our Facebook audience. This week our Discord user, Tropofarmer donated his Destiny T-shirt from the launch event as a giveaway prize and we extend our GenCon Promo giveaway 1 week for our UK friends.

*Check out the NEW SWdestiny.com for the best Destiny community website in the galaxy. Also follow the link for your chance to win 1 of 200 limited edition Destiny T-shirts: http://swdestiny.com/community/star-wars-destiny-general/win-a-free-t-shirt-here/paged/1/

*Tiny Grimes has restarted and rebranded The Smugglers Den as a podcast focusing on Star Wars Destiny. He focuses primarily on competitive play and you can find episodes on this youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/tinygrimes.

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