Tales from the Ditch
Episode 1

Episode 1 - New Podcast, who dis?

Sean Moss published on

Sean and Seth discuss their role in the midst of the American Evangelical Church, why Black Lives Matter more than the 2nd Ammendment, and why people have value.

Intro: If - Pulley

Outro: Grammatology - Adjy


  • 00:00 Introductions 
  • 01:35 Explanation of the Ditch
  • 05:35 American Evangelicalism's lost identity
  • 06:44 Seth, a different kind of Pastor
  • 11:30 Sean doesn't vote
  • 19:10 Viewing people as equals
  • 20:30 Viewing people as non-equals
  • 22:30 Seth on marching with Black Lives Matter
  • 29:36 We don't know everything
  • 31:22 You don't know everything!
  • 34:27 There is no way to talk freely, cops are jerks
  • 41:34 Sean is a racist (but doesn't want to be)


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