Tales from the Ditch
Episode 41

Episode 41 - Gavin and Dadhood

Sean Moss published on

Gavin returns discuss being a dad, biblical monsters, and also Gavin draws a line in the sand to defend the honor of the Sparks Marina, a brown pit of dark despair whose warm and thick tar water is home to a thousand dead milk eyed fish and airplanes plucked from the sky by the sloughs lurid effluent glow; only the husks of which remains to report its unfortunate end on account of the curse of the marina which leaves nothing of its victims and even the souls are unable to escape this bog of hell.  The bubbling, perspiring, putrid maw in the crust of the earth exists only to poison and destroy; it exists from, to, and for hate.  Also Gavins opinion on pizza.


Intro/Outro: Troy


  • 00:00 - Gavins back with the Joker Laugh
  • 09:09 - Bible monsters
  • 28:37 - Gas and spouses
  • 30:18 - Raising kids in comfort
  • 42:26 - Raising Kids: Caught not taught
  • 73:38 - The Sparks Marina
  • 84:55 - Gavins Bachelor Party
  • 89:22 - The Wedding
  • 92:43 - Goose attacks Seths Wife
  • 96:55 - Gavins tale from the Sun Valley ditch


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