The Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show - interviewing Tasmanian Entrepreneurs, start ups and businesses doing big things right here in the small island state of Tasmania.

Produced by Big Screen Small Screen and supported by Startup Tasmania. 

The Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show - The sky’s the limit!

Hi, welcome to the Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show, where we interview Tasmanian Entrepreneurs, start ups and businesses doing big things right here in the small island state of Tasmania.

We also take inspiration from - and talk with - well known entrepreneurs and thought leaders from around the world.

My name is Nigel Honey, and I’ve been helping businesses with their advertising and marketing since 1992, with a long career in radio and television production, photography, as well as social media marketing and community management.

You can follow me on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram at @nigelhoney.

But this show is not about me… it’s about you. It is about what is being achieved by people right here in Tasmania - people with a real passion for what they do. These people have a drive for success and they're not satisfied with working for someone else!

Our guests share their stories - how they got their big idea, found the courage to give it a go, and get out and make it happen. They share their successes… and their failures, as well as the tools, skills and knowledge they’ve developed along the way, to positively inspire you on your path to success.

Be it a new tech startup run by uni graduates, a stay at home mum starting her own business from her kitchen table, to multi million dollar businesses that have become household names, the Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show proudly tells the story of the new Tasmania that is not afraid of taking on the world!

So join me on an inspirational journey and discover what can be achieved by ordinary people when they truly put their whole heart and mind to the job.

Because we believe you don’t need to be in the big city to be a big success.

I’m Nigel Honey, and I look forward to you joining me, on the Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show.

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The Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show is produced in Hobart, Tasmania, by Big Screen Small Screen, your partner in content creation - online video, podcasting, social media, brand development, and TV & Radio. On line or on air, Big Screen Small Screen. Supported by Startup Tasmania, promoting and supporting startup businesses across the state to build a strong future through invention and innovation.

The Tasmanian Entrepreneur Show - The sky’s the limit!



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