Tater's Redneck Radio
Episode 5

Vanilla Unicorn Part Deux

Nick Pottorff published on

This is your second dose of Vanilla Unicorn all up in and around your ear holes.  Just sit back, gently cup your pectoral muscles, close your eyes, and picture three bodacious dudes recording a podcast while reenacting that sweaty vollyball scene from Top Gun and giggling like school girls. 

Yeah..... you like that.  Tell ,me how much you like that.  Do it on Facebook.  Tag Tater and Captain Nick.  Do it or else.  

(Or Else is pretty much the end all be all of punishments.  You won't be invited to my super rad Power Rangers birthday party next month.  We're gonna have a jump house, gift bags, a Chuck Norris party clown, three Wanda Sykes impersonators, and a William Hung tribute band.  But YOU can't come!)

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