Tech Director Chat
Episode 37

A Tech Director's Sanity

Ben Rimes published on

It's probably safe to say that anyone willing to take on the job responsibilities of Information Technology Director for a school district needs to have a touch of insanity. The ability to juggle upgrading networks, managing repairs teams, and even getting your hands dirty when there's no one else to do the job can be a daunting task. So it's nice that Pete is willing to share a bit of his insanity with us :)

Timestamps for this week's questions:


2:29 What has Pete been up to?

3:25 Can we forgive Pete?

3:55 JW wants to know, what drives you insane about being a Technology Director?

5:25 Does Ben help keep Pete sane?

6:33 Why do people keep getting a notice about Neo Office?

7:24 How can a staff member connect to the new MCS 2016-2017 Wireless?

8:23 Pete advice for restarting your laptop (at school) at least once a week.

10:00 Hey Pete, what is the single most important things users can do to keep their machine running smoothly?

12:58 Stump Pete!

14:38 How many teeth does an adult giraffe have?

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