Tech Director Chat
Episode 22

Apple Watches & New Laptops

Ben Rimes published on

This week's episode focused on some more practical issues of web browsers, operating system upgrades, and hinted at Pete's upcoming involvement in helping the Village of Mattawan get some truly high speed internet as opposed to the slow speeds residents currently suffer with. We addressed a good question about Google Chrome vs. Firefox, but discovered after we recorded this that not all recommendations are good, as we learned the hard that our student information system is bet not used with Google Chrome at the elementary level for many crucial functions. Firefox is the go-to to make sure everything works as well as advertised.

Outside of the browser issues, we chat about new teacher laptops, the hype around the Apple Watch, and Pete gets stumped!

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:03 What has Pete been up to today?

2:40 Is Pete helping the Village of Mattawan get “real” high speed internet?

5:25 Someone would like an explanation for using Google Chrome instead of Safari.

6:45 Ben thinks there are probably one of two reasons that people want to use Chrome.

9:35 Someone wants to know, what’s going on with Safari Montage?

13:20 Todd wants to know, will you be purchasing the Apple Watch?

16:20 Pete struggles with putting his phone on silent.

18:46 What’s up with Mac OS X Yosemite, will we have it soon?

19:00 We’re getting new teacher laptops for the staff!

20:32 Stump Pete!

22:05 Which musician, in 1994, recorded and played all of the instruments for his band’s debut album?

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