Tech Director Chat
Episode 33

Ben's Email Can't Be Trusted

Ben Rimes published on

It's been awhile since Pete and Ben have sat down to record an episode, and we're terribly sorry for your ears that we've decided to record another episode. It's been a long hard Winter for our school district, and there was a lot of time that needed to be spent away from the microphone, but we're back for the remainder of the school year...and perhaps into the summer.

This week's questions revolve around security. How secure are district issued devices and email? How secure is the email we send? And how secure is the choice that teachers have in interacting with students in an instructional capacity? We chat a bit about Google Classroom, the need to be mindful when questioning a suspicious email, and Pete is stumped!

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:12 Where have Ben and Pete been?

2:30 Pete and Ben are no longer co-habitating in the same work space?

4:41 What are the protocols for administrators or district officials to look into our emails and district provided technology?

6:13 Google keeps a log of any access to an account?

7:12 We have had FOIA requests, but Pete has never been given any orders to look into someone’s laptop for suspicious reasons.

7:46 Are staff notified if someone would go through any of their files?

9:12 Why is it that no one can trust opening Ben’s emails anymore?

11:52 What is email spoofing?

14:15 Is our district going to be mandating the use of Google Classroom?

18:58 Stump Pete!

20:03 What reason did Jimi Hendrix give for being discharged from the army?

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