Tech Director Chat
Episode 10

Ben's Tech Metaphors

Ben Rimes published on

A weekly chat tackling the issue of educational technology from both sides. Ben Rimes, a former teacher turned educational technologist, chats with Pete Poggione, an Information Technology Professional from the private sector turned School IT Director.

In this week's episode, Ben gets a little carried away with his technology metaphors, in an attempt to translate Pete's technobabble into regular English for the rest of us. We spend a lot of time talking about being behind the "8" ball with Help Tickets this Fall, and why we really can't do much to improve bandwidth for students (or teachers) at the moment for our school district. We compare the internet to a pasta dish, potential plans for a "one size fits all" technology solution for classrooms, and we stump Pete once again!

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:11 We didn’t have a snow day today?

1:34 Does Ben know how to read a calendar?

2:30 What’s our normal Help Ticket load at the start of the school year?

3:15 Why has it taken us longer to get ahead on the Help Tickets this year?

4:40 What has Pete been doing today?

5:22 JW asks about the plans to add technology to existing buildings.

8:15 What is the plan for upgrading our wireless infrastructure?

9:20 Pete describes what AP means in the technology world.

10:07 Ben attempts to explain basic networking for non techies.

11:04 Is it possible with our current wireless to increase bandwidth for students?

14:05 If we had all the money in the world, would we still have internet problems?

14:40 Is the Internet really a cloud, or more like a giant bowl of spaghetti?

15:15 JW wants to know if we have a “one size fits all” package for classroom technology?

20:05 Stump Pete: What was James Brown always talking to his band about?

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