Tech Director Chat
Episode 27

Do We Need Less Tech in Our Lives?

Ben Rimes published on

Well, the conversation definitely turns philosophical in this episode after a wonderful question comes our way from one of our high school teachers. It gave us pause to explore what "direct human communication" means, and whether or not technology mediates our experiences with one another in a way that affords us the same advantages of face to face conversation. Hint, we think it does, and in some ways can enhance it. The rest of the episode involves "Projector Pete" pontificating on the intimidation of the tech department, Ben arguing that we need to be more service oriented, and Pete finally admits when he'll get an iWatch.

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:53 What has Pete been up to?

3:15 Pete gives himself a new nerdy nickname.

4:10 Are there any new initiatives to transition to a 1:1 environment?

7:00 Should someone feel guilty if they want less technology and more direct human communication?

12:10 What should someone who needs just the most basic technology questions answered do?

14:10 Ben wonders if coming to the Tech Department is too intimidating for some.

16:51 Stump Pete!

18:55 When is Pete going to get an iWatch?

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