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Episode 31

Email Etiquette

Ben Rimes published on

Happy New Year!

This episode was actually recorded at the end of last year, but we wanted to hold onto it until now as we address one of the long standing issues that several people have in the district with our internel classifieds email (aka, our own homegrown Craigslist just for district staff). Most staff in the district love having the ability to quickly be rid of items through district email; often many items are simply given away for free as educators are always looking for items they no longer need to be put to good use, whether it be in another classroom or not. And it's handy to be able to list big items (furniture, electronics, etc.) without the need to deal with Craigslist or another service that would require shipping and/or people that may or may not show up to actually look at or purchase an item.

But sometimes the classifieds can be a bit much, especially when people are cleaning out garages, attics, play rooms, or decluttering after New Year's Resolutions to make life simpler. So we though it might be appropriate to share give email etiquette tips for sending out classified emails alongside a few of our regular questions about Apple TVs in the classroom, and looking at alternative iPad case vendors. And we also toss in a tip for creating filters in Gmail to help manage large amounts of email that you know you want to look at eventually, but just not right now. Pete gets a turn at "stumping Ben", and we finish up with both of us being completely stumped!

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:10 What has Pete been up to?

2:45 We explore a new iPad case vendor.

5:20 We address the etiquette of our internal district classified emails (like Craigslist just for our school employees).

7:40 Pete and Ben’s top five tips for sending classified emails.

10:47 Can Apple TVs be used in an educational environment?

14:35 Stump Pete!

16:40 Stump Ben!

16:58 Who was the original drummer for Rush?

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  • Dave Tchozewski

    We struggled with deploying Apple TV's in the educational setting, 4 years ago. We have it figured out and are successfully using Apple TV's in our district.

  • Ben Rimes

    We would LOVE to hear what you've done! We have Cisco controllers and access points, and we still have issues with airplay dropping. Please share your wisdom :)