Tech Director Chat
Episode 15

Let's Talk with Teachers

Ben Rimes published on

A weekly chat tackling the issue of educational technology from both sides. Ben Rimes, a former teacher turned educational technologist, chats with Pete Poggione, an Information Technology Professional from the private sector turned School IT Director.

This week Pete shares a bit about his latest attempt to stay connected to the teachers he's serving. He's holding conversations with small groups of teachers from around the district to get feedback on what to improve upon and what the Tech Department is doing that "works." Some of it is good, some of it is challenging, but we decided one thing for sure; we'd love to host any conversations with teachers that feel comfortable doing so on the podcast. We also address some practical tips for keeping your computer running in tip top shape, Pete addresses a question from a tech-savvy Twitter user, and Pete is stumped with a ridiculously difficult question about Al Kaline. Seriously, we need help with this answer!

Timestamps for this week's questions:

0:49 What has Pete been up to today?

1:15 What sort of things does Pete “catch up” on?

1:30 What sort of meetings does Pete miss?

2:37 Pete is having conversations about technology past, present, and future with teachers across the district. How does he narrow that down to just 40 minutes?

4:20 Question for the audience! Would you like to be a part of one of our conversations?

4:50 Phu asks, what is the difference in cost between a MacBook cart and iPad cart?

7:32 Nancy asks, for the non-tech oriented staff members, what can we do to keep our computers running well?

9:00 So what are simple things to do on a regular basis to keep your computer running well?

11:15 JW asks, what has been the most interesting thing you’ve learned from having small conversations with teachers around the district?

14:31 Todd from Twitter wants to know why a Tech Director might decline donations or just settle on one platform?

18:40 Stump Pete!

20:00 Which Mattawan teacher was in Baltimore the night Al Kaline got his 3000th hit?

You can talk about the show or continue the conversations on Twitter using the hashtag #TechDirectorChat or chatting up Ben (@techsavvyed) or Pete (@ppoggione) on Twitter.

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