Tech Director Chat
Episode 41

Making Technology Work...Kind Of

Ben Rimes published on

Does technology work in the classroom? What's the deal with Chromebooks? Why does the Slack App hate Ben so much? Pete and I scratch the surface of how technology affects our daily habits and routines, or fails to affect it in some cases. We address questions about our older machines, getting teacher laptops updated, and wrap our brains around a tough "Stump Pete!" question about NHL arenas!

Timestamps for this week's questions:

0:58 What has Pete been up to?

2:05 It’s time for teachers to update the OS on their laptops.

3:07 Apple has now made all iLife and iWork apps free?!

3:59 Do we ever sell the old Apple laptops or desktops?

5:20 Our laptops are HOW old and still in service?

6:15 Does the Technology Department need to be made aware of a laptop that’s extremely hot coming out of a cart?

8:38 Ben wants to know, what’s the deal with Chromebooks?

11:20 Why doesn’t the Tech Department use the Slack App anymore for inter-office communications?

15:31 Pete wants to know, why can’t we make technology work in the classroom?

18:16 Stump Pete!

19:52 Erik wants to know, now that the Red Wings are moving to Little Ceasar’s Arena, how many NHL arenas are NOT named or sponsored after a company?

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