Tech Director Chat
Episode 35

Pedagogy Vs Technology

Ben Rimes published on

This week Pete and Ben explore a growing question in the realm of educational technology; the role of pedagogy, and how it relates to technological change. Special thanks to Todd from Twitter for asking us the great question about trying to stay current with technology that prompted the discussion, and for the thoughtful educators that I get to work with everyday that understand the importance of balancing the needs of students and the classroom with the abilities of technology. We also address a number of district questions including how we're moving beyond our "Wifi Bus" pilot to expand Internet access to other busses, document camera compatibility for the new Mattawan Instructional Technology Stations the High School and Middle School will be receiving next year, and Pete gets another shot at answering some stump-worthy questions.

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:15 How awesome is Pete’s day so far?

2:50 Will teachers be able to easily connect document cameras to the new technology workstations for the high school and middle school next year?

5:40 Todd from Twitter wants to know, how do you keep current with the ever changing nature of technology?

8:53 Ben admits that he doesn’t keep current with all technology.

11:30 Ben ponders if keeping current on pedagogy is better than keeping current on technology.

12:19 Is there any news on the busses with wifi?

13:43 We ran across some issues with internet miscreants bringing the school’s internet to its knees, unintentionally.

15:42 Future plans for bus purchases with wifi.

18:22 Stump Pete!

19:24 JW wants to know, what is Pete’s home improvement project for the new home?

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