Tech Director Chat
Episode 30

Providing $$$ for Technology

Ben Rimes published on

In this week's episode, Ben and Pete talk a bit about the money behind technology purchases. While it's no secret that many school districts make technology purchases a regular piece of large bond projects now, often those dollars go to larger systemic technology. Interactive projects, voice enhancement, and other technology needed for security purposes are top items. However, some of the more essential technology to teaching often doesn't always make the cut. We talk about a few grant opportunities for those in our district and everyone in general, as there are always grants available for pilot and classroom projects. We address the internet outage that occured in two of our buildings before Thanksgiving, and Pete tricks Ben into reading a question that Pete submitted!

Grant resources mentioned in the podcast:

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:18 What if education success was like baseball batting averages?

2:03 What has Pete been up to?

2:53 We have 3D printers at the Later Elementary?

4:22 JW asks, how are the plans for new technology in the bond going?

6:08 Why did the High School and Middle School lose internet before Thanksgiving?

6:55 So we’re ready to send out all of the RFPs for the technology work?

7:45 What new technology will be available to teachers in the bond?

10:13 What is the quickest and easiest way to get iPads into your classroom?

12:10 Pete totally tricks Ben into reading his own question!

13:58 Stump Pete!

14:22 What is the most successful band to come out of Kalamazoo?

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