Tech Director Chat
Episode 25

Putting Learning First

Ben Rimes published on

Technology increasingly drives the conversation in education. New laptops without DVD drives means pushing people to make the leap to video in the cloud and online. The use of collaborative tools means asking students to work on individual projects and digital worksheets risks disengaging them. Asking for help may not be a simple fix, or applying "the solution" as a torrent of them may exist for your particular problem. Pete and Ben dig into a couple of philosophical questions about the nature of teaching and learning with technology, Ben gets a bit geeky with curricular thoughts, and we answer a bunch of questions about the new laptops coming.

Timestamps for this week's questions:

0:51 What has Pete been up to today?

2:47 Todd from Twitter wants to know, what is the most important thing for teachers to know about technology?

3:55 So the most important thing about technology is to ask for help?

5:30 So what does Ben think about Todd’s question?

6:54 Michael from Twitter wants to know, how are we ensuring that thinking and learning drive our use of technology?

10:20 What does Pete think about Michael’s question?

13:00 Wait, are we really getting new laptops?

14:00 Will the new laptops be in before the end of the school year?

15:42 Why didn’t we order the laptops earlier in the year?

16:40 So, what are the specs on the new laptops? Are Macbook Airs slower?

18:26 Stump Pete!

18:43 The “Artist” wants to know who is Ronnie Tutt?

20:13 Pete wins some glitter flowers!

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