Tech Director Chat
Episode 42

The New Guy

Ben Rimes published on

We're back! Sort of! Ben is still alive and toiling away in central office, having picked up a few more tasks this year, but Pete has moved on to other challenges...specifically to Western Michigan University where he's now a Senior IT Muckity-Muck :)

In this episode I welcome Tony Nuismer, our brand new Director of Information Technology to Mattawan Consolidated Schools, and the new voice behind the microphone. Tony has led a fascinating career and comes to us from a similar size district in the greater Kalamazoo area; he enjoys playing in a band outside of work, and he's just as nerdy as Pete when it comes to IT.

Timestamps for this week's questions:

0:55 Wait, Pete has been replaced?!

1:25 Where did Tony come from?

7:23 What had Tony been up to today?

7:45 There’s an Elvis impersonator in the district?!

9:42 Phu wants to know, why don’t Netflix accounts work on the projectors at school?

11:20 Joe Wang wants to know, what was the first song that Tony ever played?

14:05 Stump Us!

14:34 On “Saved By the Bell” what is the character A.C. Slater’s real name?


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