Tech Director Chat
Episode 17

The State Comes Calling

Ben Rimes published on

A weekly chat tackling the issue of educational technology from both sides. Ben Rimes, a former teacher turned educational technologist, chats with Pete Poggione, an Information Technology Professional from the private sector turned School IT Director.

In this week's episode, the State Department of Education comes calling about feedback for the TRiG program for technology, and Pete admits he may be losing his mind (just a bit). We talk about avoiding the "spinning wheel" of death on Macs, which side of the "graphics card wars" we fall on, and spend a good amount of time talking about the need for Curriculum Directors to be thinking about technology; how important is it to their roles in the 21st century?

Timestamps for this week's questions:

1:13 What has Pete been up to today?

3:01 Someone from the state Department of Education came calling?

3:43 So what is TRiG, and why is it important to Michigan schools?

6:23 Do you see teachers getting more admin rights for technology, or control shifting to a centralized location?

8:08 People can wipe out their hard drives?

9:00 Matt wants to know, what can I do to my laptop to avoid the “spinning wheel” when switching between apps and websites?

9:35 Pete gives us an analogy, Ben thinks his is better.

13:56 When it comes to graphics cards, Nvidia or AMD?

15:21 Bob wants to know, do you see Curriculum Directors evolving into the “go to” technology people with Blended Learning becoming vital to the classroom?

18:23 Stump Pete!

19:15 Matt wants to know, what’s unique about the drummer from Def Leppard?


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  • TechTime

    Always fun to listen to you two banter. : ) Thank you for taking time to produce this each week.