TekWars 2.0
Episode 63

Kali Yuga Accelerationism and The Metaphysics of Chan Culture feat. Sunny and Sonya Qafi/BPD_God

Warren Nokoshima published on

The Kings of KaliAcc. In this new episode, Warren and John are joined by Sunny (VEDIC_CYBERGOD) and Ibn Sonya Qafi (BPD_GOD) to discuss an array of topics. We get into an explanation of what kaliacc really is, and what your ancestry really means. Sunny explains the Vedas and why you must read them. Sonya goes deep on caste.

Sunny and Sonya talk to us about their latest epic bantz, as well as those spiralling downwards folk, and then we get into Chan-culture. This opens up to a discussion on the ego & anonymity. Finally as Sonya sets off we figure out John's true racial identity with Sunny's anthropological assistance.

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