TekWars 2.0
Episode 51

Megacorps World War Terminus 2020 feat. ~rabsef & Glyphosate

Warren Nokoshima published on

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In a few months, nothing will be independent - independent business will fail and everything will be hydras of central corps. In this premium episode, ~rabsef-bicrym and Glyphosate join the TekWars 2.0 hot seat to discuss a myriad of issues. Is Peter Thiel behind the coronavirus? Will Amazon and Disney bailout the failing businesses of the Covid-19 economic holocaust to become the most powerful hydra Megacorps history has ever seen?  

We discuss abiogenic oil theory, oil did not originate on Earth, but from previous galactic warfare aftermaths. Tfw No Trumpbux. 

Urbit to upload our minds to the digital hyperspace to protect us from Trisolaran civilizational destruction? Let us find out...

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