TekWars 2.0
Episode 65

Schizo Post of the Century, Anonymity & Economics, and Urbit feat. One Eyed King

Warren Nokoshima published on

"Seven dozen Key Items were rolled out onto the stage. The audience couldn't believe their eyes. Alpha Black Lotus, Bant Diamond (suspected to be the only remaining child stone of the re-butchered Hope Diamond), the only remaining tablet original of the Lament of Ur, Rou Xing Stone, the engrossed and signed Declaration of Independence, The Fritz Engraving, papiro biblioteca rylands p52, and the Harper Fragment. These items represented the backing assets for Trillions of on-chain assets and nearly all non-chain assets in the world. 

A molten tub was brought out to the center of the platform. One by one, the assets were submerged. Permanent erasure. As for the Bant Diamond. That was merely transformed into graphite and pulverized, before being dropped into the molten pool. 

"Now all that remains is the public / private keypair for each of these assets." 

No more did the cryptographic representation of the items represent anything at all beyond its inability to be replicated. Not unlike the original assets themselves." -Anonymous

In this episode we go DEEP with the return of One Eyed King on a strange schizo post found on 4chan, the anonymity of economics, the globalization of money, MTG finance, Urbit and more!








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