TekWars 2.0
Episode 49

The Mind Folding Mentalist feat. Jonathan Pritchard

Warren Nokoshima published on

TekWars 2.0 featuring John and I is a chilled-out escape from the hellscape of Modernity in which we live and traverse daily. Available on Apple Podcasts, Gumroad, and http://Patreon.com/TekWars - An exploration into the madness that is Web 3.0. Jonathan Pritchard is the founder of the Hellstrom Group; an international consulting company. He is also an author, trainer, mentor, and one of the most effective Mentalists in the world. His work is used by clients like BP, State Farm, United Airlines, and other Fortune 500 companies. Here in this episode he reveals the secrets he's used to achieving success. Jonathan joins the TekWars 2.0 hot seat to discuss his work as a mentalist, how mentalism relates to Freud's psychology and modern business consultation. We also discuss aesthetics and Schiller. As well as Urbit. 

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