Ten Tenths Podcast
Episode 24

#24 - Aaron Weir and Art Malczewski of Vibrant Performance and Fabrication Life @ Gridlife

Michael Beck published on

Michael continues his name-butchering campaign when we meet with Aaron Weir and Art Maczewski of Vibrant Performance and Fabrication Life! 

Aaron brought his 1989 Honda CRX to Gridlife Midwest 2016 this year, but this car has an incredible twist! It's powered by a turbocharged Honda S2000 drivetrain and has been rear wheel drive swapped using an S14 differential. 

Art is the Media Manager for Vibrant Performance and Fabrication Life. He is responsible for the video and photo content produced for both pages, and he has a true talent for producing gorgeous shots and truly sick video content.

We are incredibly thankful that Aaron and Art hungout with us at Gridlife and showed us their car and video equipment! We highly recommend not missing this episode!

Find Vibrant Performance at vibrantperformance.com and facebook.com/vibrantperformance

Find Fabrication life at fabricationlife.com and facebook.com/FabricationLife


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