Terrace Housecast: Boys and Girls on the Internet

Episode 3

We're getting better at watching "Terrace House"

David Adler published on

In this episode Kevin, and Dave quietly rewatch Episode #2 of Aloha State, while Pam catches up. 

Other Topics Include: 

  •  Awkward Dead Space in Conversation,  
  •  Lauren's Skeptic Pasta Face, 
  •  Pam responding 15 minutes late, 
  •  "Dave did you delete her number?"  
  •  Subtitles are my lifeline, don't take them away!
  •  Sponsored By Toyoyoyoyota Tundra thank you very much Toyoyta you make fine automobiles. 
  •  Pam do you have anything funny or interesting to add to this description? 
  •  The sadness that is Drumpf's America
  •  The Happiness that is "Terrace House" 
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