That Gay Sh*t

Episode 8

Halloween Special 2: Bobbiedook, Formerly Known as Babadook

Hayden Gibson published on

CONTENT WARNING: Some smatterings of implied parental abuse is in the episode. We do discuss IT, and the idea of child molestation, at around 39 minutes 10 seconds until 44 minutes 15 seconds. We actively reject the idea that child molestors or predators are queer.

Dan yells at Palace Pizza drivers, Freddy Kreuger goes Chop Chop with his fingers, and how we are all babashook. Bobbie-dook, Hayden, and Dan come in for Dan's pick the Babadook and how he legitimately didn't realize the Netflix goof two days after. We also assume Benedict Cumberbatch and Bill Skarsgard are aliens. We get into a heavy topic of queerness being villainized and associated with pedophilia. Oh and Babadook's one true love is Bye Bye Man. So shut up everyone. 

Also Hayden kills Dan with his views on Jason Mamoa. If you want to shit talk Hayden you can, but Dan is a time traveler.

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