That Special Moment
Episode 65

A legendary guitar born to be played by a legend

Armand Treceno published on

Imagine for a while that you are living in a remote Spanish location in a city with a population of over 3000 inhabitants and that your work is to build classical and flamenco guitars. Now, how on earth do you end up making a bespoke guitar for one of the most recognisable and successful guitarist of all time playing for one of the world most famous rock band The Rolling Stones? This is the question that I asked Javier Agraz Navarro from Vicente Carrillo Guitars.

Despite living in a remote location  the reach, of Javier Agraz Navarro from Vicente Carrillo Guitars, cover the world! Javier might not be a household name that resonate to your hear nevertheless in the world of music he is a household name! You do not believe me? No problem, ask Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones then, and you doubts will be dismissed forever. In this episode you will discover the full story about how Vicente Carrillo Guitars ended up building a bespoke guitar for Keith Richards. For the musicians listening this episode you will discover one of the very last artisans luthier that truly build extraordinary music instruments that a lot of very famous artist have used or are using to display the mastery of their music and to name but a few, Paco de Lucia, Ketama, Irina Kircher, El Niño Josele & Juan Manuel Cañizares.

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