That Special Moment
Episode 82

Conscious leadership of the New Millennium with Ana Ortega

Armand Treceno published on

As the New Millennium is under way mind start to shift toward more conscious thinking and acting. Ana Ortega a metaphysical lecturer, teacher and philosopher has kindly accepted to talk about her new book The Conscious Leader of the New Millenium.

As a successful authors of many books ranging from vegan recipes to children's educational book Ana helps her readers  elevate their awareness. Her latest addition The Conscious Leader of the New Millennium explore an area that is close to any one heart as far as self development is concern, providing a clear insight and suggesting direction to explore which will resonate among us. Her positive compelling energy is what most people need in order to advance as a personal being and help others in the process for the benefit of society at large. In this episode you will understand human-centered conscious transformation, and some of the best ways to build consciousness.   

As always click this link to enjoy the conversation.


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