That Special Moment
Episode 5

Ego on the go with Mélodie Dubois

Armand Treceno published on

Mélodie Dubois is the best Selling Author of the book JUST BE YOURSELF – Mélodie is a French-German professional turned author and synergetic coach who grew up in the French Alps.    After studying in Wales she started her career at an International Organisation in Geneva while juggling a seven yearlong divorce and 3 young children.  

At the age of 40 she stumbled on information that revealed that the International Organisation she was working for had a double agenda.  A shiny bright one you could call their façade, and a darker one.  Almost at the same time as her rosy coloured perception of the world was being shaken, she realised that she too had a double agenda, a shiny bright one, you could call her surface self, and a darker one.  

She decided to resign from her job at the UN and embarked on a quest to understand more about herself and that duality within her thoughts called the ego. This journey towards a deeper self-awareness took her on a wild ride to the other side of the world, where she experienced many challenges until one day in September 2015, she hit rock bottom.  Her many years of searching for liberation from the self-sabotaging patterns she had studied and recognised came to a halt. She realised that everything she had tried to achieve throughout her life had not only been a failure but was focused on her desires, her dreams, her strong will to attain happiness through a set of ego strategies that had never worked.    

She had emptied her cup.  Not only did she doubt her beliefs but she also realised that she didn’t know anything anymore. Everything she thought she knew had failed and she realised that she did not know.  Unbeknown to her, the greater perfection of life had pushed her to the edge of her egoic pattern so she could find her true self.

That very same night she experienced what you could call “THAT SPECIAL MOMENT” of clarity and insight that changed everything.

She now shares her passion for the Enneagram through her books and drawings and the unique insights she experienced during her dark night of the soul. She believes the ego contains a fundamental paradox.  A paradox that creates an inner tug of war we spend a lot of time covering up and rejecting. Once we are willing to look at this paradox instead of fearing it, we are able to heal our inner tug of war and have the discernment to choose peace over conflict and love over fear.  

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