That Special Moment
Episode 77

For my dessert I'll take a picture!

Armand Treceno published on

What do you want for dessert? A picture, here it is summarized in a few words what drives Donna to create those absolutely sweet pictures time and again, (pun intended). You can spend hours looking at her Instagram feed and yet still are to find a single picture that does not fit the bill.

Food photography is a particular style of photography within the large realm that photographers can choose, develop and like anything else in life in order to spark some strong emotions from the viewer a level of mastery that only a few can muster is required, and Donna Crous is a member of this exclusive elite group. In this episode you will learn how she thought that food photography was made for her and the steps that she went through in order to develop, define and finally master her photography style, became a member of Nikon school of Photographer and much more.

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