That Special Moment
Episode 72

Self-made woman multi-industry serial entrepreneur

Armand Treceno published on

Normally when we hear about multi-industry serial entrepreneurs most of us are automatically encline to think about a man. Let's put this generally accepted idea to rest once and for all and meet Alysia Silberg a self-made multi-industry serial entrepreneur and UN Global Champion for Entrepreneurship.

Alysia Silberg is not your typical woman entrepreneur as you will discover in this episode because she needed to extricate herself from brutal conditions that plague her youth in South Africa before becoming the light she is now. Her journey has been far from easy and in the process she has been lucky enough to educate people with the right tools and provide them with the right knowledge in order to be successful for themselves and society at large. Not to mention the countless public speaking engagements that she had honoured during the span of her career.

As always click the link to enjoy the conversation.

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