That Special Moment
Episode 49

Story telling for children with author Ana Ortega

Armand Treceno published on

The first time I met with multifaceted author Ana Ortega for a chat was when she just launched what was at the time her latest book, My Coffee Man, a romantic story about finding a partner, and I have to say that I had a very interesting/inspirational conversation with her and the time flew by. I learned that writing is a muscle that need to be exercise every day or at least very often if you want to be able to structure properly and with ease your ideas. With books covering many different topics she has explore a broad variety of writing genres. To my point of view the most difficult of them all is writing specifically for children specially when the aim is to help kids discover and explore their potential and the world around them. Another particularity about her latest publication entitled Bruno the Yellow Lab is that the book has been released in 7 languages at the same time, which speaks volume about the quality of the book and the confidence of the publishing company, as normally books gets published in one language and depending on the success, further languages are added along the way. 

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