That Special Moment
Episode 71

The designer edition interview with Stephen Gates

Armand Treceno published on

I always wanted to interview a designer to get a hint of what it is like to be thinking holistically to produce aesthetic design that make a lasting impression. Luckily for me in my network I have someone who pointed out that I needed to look no further than Stephen Gates and was strongly suggested that I contacted him at earliest convenience to set up an interview. And against all expectations this is what I did!

In contacting Stephen Gates, I was far from thinking that I will be in for a treat! Imagine being able to interview an international keynote speaker who spoke to large international keynotes at SXSW, HOW Design Live, Awwwards, Pausefest, FUSE, Tech Open Air, Fifteen Seconds Festival and more alongside speakers like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Nest founder Tony Fadell, Martha Stewart, CEO Tony Hsieh, and John Maeda. A man of many talents, the producer and the host of the Crazy One podcast which I invite you all to listen because on top of being very entertaining it is very instructive.

As always click the link to enjoy the conversation.



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