That Special Moment
Episode 64

The diary of a designer

Armand Treceno published on

What do you do when you see a pencil next to your favourite hand? Naturally you sketch, you sketch and you continue sketching until you find your style, then your voice and finally your purpose in life. From a notebook to digital transformation with more than 80,7k followers on Instagram Carlos Toledo is part of this Spanish generation that master digital tools and social media.
Long gone are the times when Carlos Toledo started sketching out of personal interest those little pieces of life that today are so well recognised by the social media society, 80,7k plus followers on Instagram. Nevertheless it has not always been like this. Being faced like any one of us with the daunting question of what will I do with my life now? Carlos decided to design it, literally design it, (pun intended). Starting from scratch he started designing out of personal interest and with no intention whatsoever than to enjoy himself. Then some of her/his friends discovered those little sketches filled with humour, poesy, wit & so reflective of what is going on in our society today that they encouraged him to pursue his art and consequently in the process make it his way of life. A book related to his art has also been published by Planeta one of the biggest publishers in Spain. This is what I invite you to listen in this episode where any one of us can relate, some more than others, and may be it will sparkle the little designer flame that lies deep inside yourself.  

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