The After Midnight Podcast
Episode 66

Jim Jones, The People’s Temple & The Jonestown Massacre

Denny Luis published on

It was a long time coming but Pedro Nunez, one half of the KLB Kayfabulous Lucha Bros. is back in the co-pilot seat. He really brought the goods this time as we went in depth on the phenomena of cults. What draws people to them? What type of people are drawn to them? What kind of person could actually lead these people? We then discuss one of the most famous cult cases in American history that led to the second most deadly single day, non-natural disaster in US history, the Jonestown Massacre. Who exactly was Jim Jones? What caused him to start his own congregation known as the People’s Temple? Is the pathway to Hell really paved with good intentions? When did it all start to go wrong and  most importantly, were the warning signs there? We discuss all this and more and don’t forget to return next week for part 2 of our series on Cults!


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