The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)
Episode 54

The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)#054 Mixed By Spike Deep

Spike Deep T.A.L.E published on

A Super fresh Friday it is despite the Current situation & issues being faced keep yourselfs safe's to another chilled Show Of The All Lounge Experience [T.A.L.E]

Its an all groovy beat downtempo session filled with beatstrumental  stuff ranging from old Skool style beats & hip hop jazz ,Lo-Fi & chillout style.

Keeping it chilled is priority number 1 so sit back & relax  & meditate through the journey of chillout & Experimental sounds



1.Mr. Käfer & Devaloop - A Tale of Brighter Days

2.Maple Syrup- Borboletas

3.Mujo, Mr. Brown - Cats Eyes

4.Funky Notes & Tom Doolie-Death of Pablo

5.LoopMaffia - Escape The Dragon

6.Kazam- The Hills

7.Vanilla - Summer

8.Philanthrope feat. Tesla Alset - Return

9.Ian Ewing - Pelican Party

10.Stro Elliot - Mistaken And Hurt

11.Q Funktion - Many Miles Away

12.Roberto Bronco- Lost Souls

13.Jazzquarterz & El Jazzy Chavo- Twelve Key Universe

14.SicknessMP, Steril One & POSTPARTUM-Vienna At Night

15.Sarah, the Illstrumentalist - Grey Hematite

16.Truffel The Phunky Phaqir feat. Malev Da Shinobi - Discover

17.Cookin Soul - Chicago

18.Maeshima Soshi - ORR

19.Stro Elliot - The Summer Love Song

20.Loop.holes feat. Loot Fattig - No More Drama

21.Darkhouse Family feat. Vanity Jay- Just So You Know (DJ Spinna Galactic Funk Remix)

22.Minthaze feat. Bugseed- Till Infinity

23.Spaze Windu - Whuteva


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