The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)
Episode 55

The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)#55 Mixed By Spike Deep

Spike Deep T.A.L.E published on

Another Friday on another day i serve you with the 55th episode of T.A.L..E featured 2 my own production & a fresh 1 by michele zara comimg out this May


1.Michele Zara- On Board[Exclusive Promo]

2.Around7 - Final Cut (Red Part) - Aretha's Feeling

3.RAY - D Easy On The Cut

4.Emapea - Gone In a Sec

5.a Cat Called FRITZ feat. Pseudo Slang - Ruff 'n' Tumble

6.birocratic - the ballad of saxy susan

7.Philanthrope - Forever

8.Ian Urbina & Joe Corfield- The Shadowlands

9.Spike Deep-XxXxXxXxXxXxXx[Exclusive To T.A.L.E]

10.Ian Ewing - 17

11.DJ Jazzy Jeff featOddisee - Musik Lounge (Instrumental)

12.Spike Deep - Morning Chillz[Exclusive To T.A.L.E]

13.Long - Molife

14.CoolComotion-XxxxXxXxXxX[Exlusive To T.A.L.E]

15.The Jazz Jousters & Es-K - Foundations

16.Brandon Bass - Relaxation in Hifi

17.Awon & Phoniks - As Live As It Gets Feat. Dephlow

18.Zac Love - Swing Factor Twenty

20.Green Street - Show Stopper

21.Bobby C Sound TV - Rendezvous Avec Moi 2

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