The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)
Episode 57

The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)#57 Mixed By Spike Deep[Trips Of Chill]

Spike Deep T.A.L.E published on

Fresh day fresh weekend ...back with the usual here's to the 57th Endless Trips Of Chill nothing but sooth lounge & downtempo chillz as the name says Endless every sound has the continuity of another chill in another genre ive also featured some of the latest tunes worth the listen


1.Dellasollounge - Show Me The Stars

2.Vis et Spes- The River of Patience

3.Session Victim - Unchained


5.Thetis Signal- Aroused

6.ludwiger- Love Petals

7.Pier-O - Arthur

8.Asservat- Extensive Evidence

9.King Shi - Walk

10.Manatee Commune feat. Alexander Lynch - W/O(Captain Planet Remix)

11.miles bonny- WantU

12.KSOZE - Wobble Jazz (Vitamin D Re-Edit)

13.Amerigo Gazaway - Magic Lamp

14.Late Nite Tuff Guy - My Sugar Is Gone

15.XL Middleton - I Dont Wanna Wait

16.Stro Elliot - Marvin's Mood

17.Dead Horse Beats - JJ's Groove


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