The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)
Episode 60

The All Lounge Experience(T.A.L.E)#60 Mixed By Spike Deep[Cold Busted Special]

Spike Deep T.A.L.E published on

A Very good day to everyone ..wishing you all a super fantastic weekend ...i bring to you Episode 60 of The All Lounge Experience...well let me say ive decided to revisit the music collection i have so Every 2nd Friday of each month i will be doing a record label spotlight of chillout |Downtempo|Funk|Beats|Lounge|Trip hop & familiar chilled genres in The All Lounge Experience style ..heres the 1st Label Spotlight 

Label:Cold Busted


heres a short little story about Cold Busted

It’s too simple to call Cold Busted just a record label. Sure, these purveyors of trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, downtempo, and funky sounds consistently release modern classics. But the LA-based label, founded by Derrick Daisey—formerly known as DJ Vitamin D—have created a lifestyle music experience orbiting around Daisey’s rarefied palette and iconic vintage-vibing artwork, and a thriving community of innovative musicians feverishly creating and collaborating.

1.Mojo Rising - Watcha Doin

2.Amerigo Gazaway - Way Back

3.Bahia Deluxe - Illetes

4.Brandon Bass - D Town Duo

5.Poldoore - Besides U

6.Blue In Green - Hadou

7.Bloody Tadi - On The Run

8.mister T. - Jazzy Lines

9.Clouded - Green Peas (Live Version)

10.KSOZE - Wobble Jazz (Vitamin D Re-Edit)

11.Tom Drummond - The Bump

12.Yuri Petrovski - E.S.I.O.N.

13.SkySplitterInk - Pluto

14.Sixfingerz - So Groovy

15.Drop Logik - Friendafraid

16.Chop Juggler - Illustrator

17.Ancient Astronauts - Yebechi

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