The Anarchist Experience is a live, weekly, call in show where we ask Statists to tell us about their favorite government program and why they like it so much.  The hosts, Rich E Rich & MC, cover some of the current events of the week and provide an anarchist's persepective on the world around them.  They share their personal stories on what its like to live The Anarchist Experience, and how they deal with the unfree world around them.  The hosts provide advice for other anarchists on how to approach their Statist friends and relatives and provide tips and techniques for arguing with these people.  The Anarchist Experience advocates a free and voluntary society, one in which their is Total Freedom and Complete Liberty.  The hosts of the show adhere to the Non Aggression Principle (Axiom), and are not pacifists in the common understanding of the term.

The Show broadcasts live online at 12:00pm HST (22:00 GMT) every Saturday.  The live feed is available on the website:  Listeners are encouraged to call in, or have their Statist friends call in live or leave a message at either 303-335-9527 or 303-835-1301

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